The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! – Week Four: LIVE EVERY WEEK LIKE IT’S SHARK WEEK

TCONA5 Logo V1 - Banner (white bg)He Geek She Geek and Quizzing North America, hosts of the 5th Annual Trivia Championships of North America, are teaming up this summer to bring you a new feature: The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! All you need to is email your answers to all the trivia questions below to
If you get them all correct, you’ll be added to the Trivia Geek pool, from which we’ll choose one winner at random each week. Winners will receive a Trivia Championships of North America t-shirt and poster, as well as the adulation of HGSG!

Send your answers (in order), shirt size, and continental U.S. mailing address by July 23, 2015 11:59pm CST  to:

Now that Shark Week 2015 has wrapped, here are ten questions surrounding this most righteous of TV-based festivals.

1. What cable channel has hosted the promotion known as Shark Week since 1988?

2. What journalist and novelist’s first collection of essays, titled The Great Shark Hunt: Strange Tales From A Strange Time, covers his stint in the Air Force through his writings for Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated in the 1970s?

3. What song opens with the line, “Well, the shark has pretty teeth, dear, and he shows them pearly white”?

4. What actor received the second of his nine Oscar nominations for playing a pool shark, Fast Eddie Felsen, in the 1961 movie The Hustler?

5. The act of Loan Sharking, or predatory lending and charging excessive interest, is addressed differently in the laws of every state, but is referred to in those laws by what five-letter word?

6. What Australian golfer, who won 88 tournaments in his long career, including two major tournaments, was nicknamed “The Great White Shark” for his height, his hair color, and his relentlessness on the course?

7. Jaws, the movie many consider to be the very first summer blockbuster film, was based on a novel by what novelist, who later went to write novels-turned-films such as The Deep, The Island and The Beast?

8. Which of these five shark types is not an actual breed of shark: A Ham Shark, A Nervous Shark, A Silky Shark, A Lemon Shark, or A Cookie Cutter Shark?

9. Bernardo, Chino and Pepe were all central characters (relevant to this round) in what Broadway musical?

10. What US City has a major pro sports team called the Sharks?

Are these questions not enough for you? Prove your trivia worth and register for TCONA5 coming up in Las Vegas this Aug. 7-9!

Congratulations to the winner of week three, Tina Melendy! Here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

  1. Elizabeth 1
  2. Prince Humperdink
  3. Astonishing X-Men
  4. R2D2 and C3PO
  5. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  6. Sirius Black
  7. Princess Leia
  8. Roose Bolton
  9. Anya
  10. Neil Gaiman

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