Which Marvel Chick is Full of Ass-Kick?

DC’s Wonder Woman may be the most popular female hero in comics history, but Marvel has a slew of heroines that could give the Amazonian princess a run for her money. Check out this infographic of the most badass women of Marvel.

(via Morphsuits)


4 thoughts on “Which Marvel Chick is Full of Ass-Kick?

  1. I don’t want to be the Comic Book Guy, but this list is terrible. Carol Danvers, a trained soldier, has a 2.5 for fighting skills, while Rogue, a former civilian, has 4.5? Didn’t Rogue’s fighting skills *come from* Carol Danvers? Black Widow has 3.5 for strength, while Jessica Jones, whose listed powers include super strength, has 2?


      • Absolutely! Also, doesn’t Misty Knight have a robot arm? (I don’t know much about her, I could be wrong, but I feel like I’ve seen that.) Also also, this list has Oracle from the Shi’ar imperial guard but no Mockingbird? Finally, what about Sue Storm’s force fields?
        Okay, I’m sorry, done now.

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