Here it is! We now have our first real trailer for next summer’s Batman V Superman.

It’s no secret that HGSG did not care for Man of Steel. It was too gloomy for a Superman flick. It relished in the destruction of Metropolis. And don’t even get us started on the end of Zod.

Despite that, He Geek (me) is willing to give BvS a chance. After all, it’s a geek dream to see these two go at it on the big screen. And there are a lot of things in this trailer that give me hope (or “S” in Kryptonian), but unfortunately just as many things make me shake my head.

The Good:

bvs bruce

Ben Affleck: I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it either, but Affleck really looks like he’s going to pull off the role of Batman better than most others. He’s got the good looks and smugness of Bruce Wayne and the build of the Bat. It still stands to be seen if he can pull off a good fight scene.

bvs ww

Wonder Woman: Can’t say too much about her because she’s not given much screen time here, but man she looks bad-ass, doesn’t she? And surprisingly, Batman doesn’t know who she is. If Diana Prince is supposed to be Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, per the rumors, then he’s definitely not the detective he’s cracked up to be.

bvs doom

Surprise! Doomsday: That was a nifty little surprise. The ultimate Superman bad guy shows up at the end of the trailer and appears to be the central point our trinity rallies around. We’re going to suppose that Lex collects DNA from Zod’s dead body to create a creature capable of defeating Superman, it gets out of control, and our heroes must band together to dispense some justice.

The Bad:

bvs lex

Lex Luthor: I’m sorry, I thought the Joker was supposed to be in Suicide Squad not BvS. Luthor is not a spastic man-child; he’s a classy businessman, a pillar of society (as far as society knows). This new mellinnial Lex would not command one ounce of respect from the city.

bvs explosion

More explosions!: I know that this is a summer blockbuster and there needs to be action and spectacle, but I was really hoping Zack Snyder had learned a little bit from the reaction to MoS. People being mindlessly killed by the hundreds is a bit too heavy to deal with in this world right now. Hopefully, those buildings are empty or something.

bvs doom

Ugh! Doomsday: Doomsday is just not an interesting character. He’s there so that Superman has someone to punch as hard as he can without remorse. That’s just about his role. At least Zod filled that position AND had aspirations of world domination (destruction.)

What do you think? Does this trailer sell you on BvS? What’s your favorite/least favorite part?


4 thoughts on “BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Trailer Reaction

  1. I was planning on seeing BvS, regardless, but I was reasonably happy with the trailer. I’m hoping it makes some of the Superman fans happy, but I think there are some who just choose not to like anything involved with Zack Snyder.

    I did think that the trailer perhaps showed too much?

    For me, Lex Luthor was the most disappointing.

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