The Best of April Fools 2016

It’s that day again where you just can’t trust anything on the internet. Well, more so than usual, anyway. We’ve gathered up some of the funniest web pranks for this year so you can be on your guard.

As always, ThinkGeek offers a page full of fake gadgets. However, every year it seems at least one of the items stirs up the internet so much that it winds up being created and sold for real. What will it be this year?



Virtual reality is the new hotness, but actual reality is the future! Google wants to help you get there now with new Cardboard Plastic which augments your real world now.



You’ve heard about that new Star Wars series that Netflix has been producing and is coming this May? Of course not. That ought to be the first clue that this teaser from IGN is a prank. There is no way in heck that Disney could (or would) keep something like this under wraps. Still, we’d binge watch it till our eyes bled.


Speaking of Netflix, they are apparently dedicating April 31(!) to the oeuvre of the man himself, John Stamos.



We just stumbled across Timehop’s gag. Normally Timehop is an app that lets you see your social media posts on this date for years past. Today it shows your your future posts.



What have been some of your favorite web gags today?




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