Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016

20160409_103120We’ve been out of the convention scene for the past year or so because real life decided it wanted some attention, too. But when we got the opportunity to attend the inaugural Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, we decided real life could just hold on for a day.So we pulled out our Telltale Games Walking Dead Clementine and Lee costumes we’d pieced together a couple of years prior, enhanced them with some animation style makeup, and made out way to the Music City Convention Center.

Walker Stalker is definitely an autograph con, but what a collection of celebs they had! Major stars, not just background extras, from The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Gotham, Z Nation, Bates Motel, and others. And really, individual autographs were not too expensive; $20-$60 for an autograph and/or selfie isn’t bad depending on your passions. We were expecting them to cost much more. The only autograph we wanted was Melissa Hutchison, the voice of Clem in the aforementioned Walking Dead game. She was super nice and really appreciative of our choice of cosplay.

20160409_154613There was a decent selection of vendors selling tee shirts, art prints, jewelry; the typical con offerings. We were really hoping for more artists available for commissions, but maybe next year. One unexpected surprise wasmeeting James Neathery, one of the contestants from GSN’s Steampunk’d, who was not there as a guest, but as an artist/vendor with a rad collection of steampunk inspired gadgets. It was fun talking to the Nashville resident about his time on the show.

20160409_124826Where Walker Stalker really let us down was the panels, or lack thereof. Every hour there was a large panel on the main stage where someone would moderate a discussion and Q&A with some of the con’s featured guests, and those were a lot of fun. However, we wanted more options. We are used to fan conventions with multiple panels being run concurrently so that you have a choice (sometimes a Sophie’s choice, but a choice nonetheless) of topics at any given time. They might be fan run panels or guest panels in smaller convention halls, and they ensure there is never a down time for attendees that have paid a good amount to be there. Hopefully, that’s something the folks at Walker Stalker will look into in the future.

Overall, if you are a fan of The Walking Dead, and if you’re reading this you probably are, you’ll find something to enjoy at Walker Stalker Con when it comes to your city. Just plan ahead of time which autographs if any you want, put on your best zombie or hunter cosplay, and have a shambling good time!


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