Captain America pose

Captain America Cosplay

Steve “Captain America” Rogers hasn’t seen a lot of different costumes in his 70-something years of Nazi-punching, but he sure has a lot of cosplayers! For good measure, we’re throwing in some of his supporting cast.

suicide harley

Official SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Is No Joke

It’s here! The first official look at the new Joker and the Suicide Squad in action, fresh from Comic-Con! We will say, most of this trailer makes us a lot more interested in this film that we had little care for originally. But that Joker? We’re sorry, but we like him even less now. Still,…


New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Unveiled at SDCC

Thanks to having all five wisdom teeth extracted yesterday (that’s right, five; I’m a mutant), I’ve been unconscious for most of San Diego Comic Con. Because I’m so late, I’m sure you’ve seen most of what I have by now, but I still had to share the very cool, new Batman V Superman trailer. Now…

cbm shot


Kevin Smith and company are looking for geeks willing to part with a piece of their childhood for the next season of Comic Book Men on AMC. If you have a unique piece of memorabilia (or are willing to travel to Jersey to buy something from the Secret Stash), hit up the Comic Book Men casting…


Ride ‘Em ANT-MAN in New Poster

Seems like the images of Ant-Man are getting ironically larger and larger as each new movie poster is released. The latest features our titular hero atop a winged ant flying through a hail of bullets. Really, who attempts to shoot ants? Just grab a shoe or can of Raid. Boom. Problem solved.