bvs unmask

Superman Unmasks Batman in New Teaser

There’s a new trailer for Batman V Superman coming during The Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC this Wednesday, but we get a taste of what we’ll see in this short clip which aired last night during Gotham. How’s the Caped Crusader going to get out of this one? Tune in tomorrow! Different Bat-Time! Different Bat-Station!


NYCC DAREDEVIL Season Two Trailer Online

We flat out loved the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil, but with the addition of Electra and Punisher in season two, we’re on the edge of our seats for season two. Luckily, we get a little taste of things to come in this trailer from New York Comic Con to whet our appetite.

gl guy

Green Lantern Cosplay Pix

Ryan Reynolds may fit his Green Lantern costume well, but so would anyone if you just basically drew it on. These devoted GL fans did it all without the help of CGI (though a couple of the subjects do appear to have been “enhanced”). Presenting the Green Lantern Corps of Geek Sector! (Originally published on 6/16/2011)

Captain America pose

Captain America Cosplay

Steve “Captain America” Rogers hasn’t seen a lot of different costumes in his 70-something years of Nazi-punching, but he sure has a lot of cosplayers! For good measure, we’re throwing in some of his supporting cast.