aquaman dc

First Look at the Cinematic AQUAMAN

Jason Momoa is no stranger to playing outcast badass leaders of nations, so he was a great pick to play DC’s Aquaman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Don’t believe us? Maybe this first look at him in costume tweeted out by Zack Snyder will begin to sway you. There is only…

valentine avengers

Valentine Avengers!

Just goofing around a little this Valentine’s weekend. I love themed super teams like the Royal Flush Gang, the Ani-Men, or Avengers A.I., so I got to wondering who would a Valentine’s Day themed Avengers group comprise? Geeks, we present to you the Valentine Avengers: Jack of Hearts, Cardiac, Starfox (Eros), Venus, and, or course, no…

daredevil tv

DAREDEVIL is Back in Black! See the First Trailer Now

Have you seen the trailer for Daredevil’s Netflix debut? Neither has he! Sorry, old joke. But if you want to see what Marvel has in store for the new Daredevil series, all you need to do is click play. Our first impression? Daredevil looks much more cinematic than Marvel’s current shows on network television. We wonder if Netflix…

fantastic four logo

Finally the First Look at FANTASTIC FOUR Film

There has been so much rumbling and mumbling about the state of the new Fantastic Four movie. Most of it bad because no one has seen anything from the studio after all this time. Not a good sign. 20th Century Fox has now decided we’ve waited long enough, and they’ve released the first official trailer…

secret wars marvel

Marvel’s Announcement to End All Announcements Live Streaming Here

What’ll it be? What are they going to do to our Marvel Universe? Is it a reboot? A combining of all universes? Howard the Duck is really Galactus? ************************************************************* ************************************************************* ************************************************************* Update: Ultimate Universe and Marvel Universe are mashing together to form one universe! Battleworld will be what is left over from the smash up.…


Batman Super Fan Gets Awesome Toddler Tumbler

The crew of Super Fan Builds has created the world’s most awesome stroller modeled after the Batmobile from Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy. From the headlights to the jet engine, this mini version of the Tumbler is movie accurate. We have to assume that the machine guns were not included in this version. Maybe when the…

batman vader

The Dark Knight Vs The Dark Lord of the Sith

Nerds love to ask “Who’d win in a fight between…?” The people behind Super Power Beat Down prefer to show you instead. In the latest edition, the two baddest men in black capes, Darth Vader and Batman, go at it. Batman may always be prepared, but is he prepared for the force? (via Machinima)

marvel map

Where Do MARVEL Characters Come From?

Sure, it seems like everyone in the Marvel Universe lives in Manhattan, but where did they come from in the first place? Movoto mapped out the home origins of several heroes and villains, much to the chagrin of their innocent families who are now in danger of attack! (via Movoto)