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Kevin Smith and company are looking for geeks willing to part with a piece of their childhood for the next season of Comic Book Men on AMC. If you have a unique piece of memorabilia (or are willing to travel to Jersey to buy something from the Secret Stash), hit up the Comic Book Men casting…


Ride ‘Em ANT-MAN in New Poster

Seems like the images of Ant-Man are getting ironically larger and larger as each new movie poster is released. The latest features our titular hero atop a winged ant flying through a hail of bullets. Really, who attempts to shoot ants? Just grab a shoe or can of Raid. Boom. Problem solved.

supergirl first

SUPERGIRL on TV – Part Chick Flick, Part Beat-Em-Up

We’re kind of torn on the new Supergirl sneak peek. At first, the creators seem to be retreading all the old Superman beats: child sent to earth from doomed planet, raised as a normal human hiding her abilities, works as a mild mannered underling at a major corporation, even wears glasses as a disguise. Then…

suicide squad

DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD Full Costumed Cast Photo

David Ayer has released the official first cast photo of DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad  with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot…um, I think there’s Kai, Killer Croc, and um…Zombie Jock, White Guy with Gun #1 and #2, Witch Doctor Girl, and The Trenchcoat. Ok, so we don’t know much about Suicide Squad.…


Ryan Reynolds Gives Bloody DEADPOOL Update

Ryan Reynolds wants to assure us all that he and Deadpool are chugging right along despite being a bloody mess: Officially halfway through production on #deadpool and I feel fine. The other guys? notsomuch. pic.twitter.com/5APbHV3VKn — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 25, 2015

btas batmobile

History of the Batmobile

From a sports car to a fully armored tank, the Batmobile has taken many forms over the years. Comic Book Resources has collected the most notable of Batman’s whips in this infographic that shows how radically and how often it has changed. We’re partial to the ’89 Keaton and the BTAS models. What are your favorites?…

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New Trailer for ANT-MAN (It Wasn’t My Idea)

Marvel has released a much more interesting Ant-Man trailer than their first, and with it, we are beginning to get more of a Marvel Cinematic Universe feel. (You know, we post a lot of Marvel trailers, but any time DC would like to show us something for one of their films, we’d be happy to…

hulkbuster 2

Avengers: Age of Ultron Clips A-Plenty

Wow, we’re AFK for one day and everyone releases trailers and clips of all the movies we want to see! OK, time to play catch up starting with the new Avengers: Age of Ultron clips that debuted Sunday starting with what’s sure to be one of the showpieces of AoU: the Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight.…