Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016

We’ve been out of the convention scene for the past year or so because real life decided it wanted some attention, too. But when we got the opportunity to attend the inaugural Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, we decided real life could just hold on for a day. Advertisements

Green Lantern Cosplay Pix

Ryan Reynolds may fit his Green Lantern costume well, but so would anyone if you just basically drew it on. These devoted GL fans did it all without the help of CGI (though a couple of the subjects do appear to have been “enhanced”). Presenting the Green Lantern Corps of Geek Sector! (Originally published on 6/16/2011)

Transformers Cosplay

Creating a Transformers costume from scratch has got to be one of the toughest bits of cosplay out there. Yet some die hard fans really nail it! Others…well, it’s not for us to judge. You do it. (originally published on 6/29/2011)

David Letterman’s Last Top Ten List

Back in the day, David Letterman was my late night host of choice, and my favorite segment was always the Top Ten list. Last night on his final broadcast, Letterman presented his final list. More accurately, ten of his favorite guests delivered the list as a tribute to the legendary talk show host. Ladies and…

Guinness Book of STAR WARS World Records

Everyone knows that Star Wars holds the world record for being the greatest movie ever (citation needed), but according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Star Wars movies have much more to brag about than that: Largest fortune made from a film franchise Rather than taking a director’s fee for Star Wars (USA,…

2015 Razzie Award “Winners”

If you ask us (and you didn’t), the Academy Awards were a big bunch of bleh this year with geeky genre films practically all but forgotten. The 2015 Golden Raspberry Awards were much more interesting, even if they didn’t have an uncommonly not-funny Neil Patrick Harris to host them! Worst Picture Saving Christmas (Samuel Goldwyn)…

Valentine Avengers!

Just goofing around a little this Valentine’s weekend. I love themed super teams like the Royal Flush Gang, the Ani-Men, or Avengers A.I., so I got to wondering who would a Valentine’s Day themed Avengers group comprise? Geeks, we present to you the Valentine Avengers: Jack of Hearts, Cardiac, Starfox (Eros), Venus, and, or course, no…