death star operator

What’s Your Star Wars Occupation?

Bartender? Moisture Farmer? Nerf herder? If you lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, how would you get by? This handy flowchart might help. I’m apparently suited to be a Death Star laser operator. I guess i can handle flipping switches easily enough…as long as I don’t think about a million voices…


THE INTERVIEW as Directed by Kim Jong Un

We, along with a few million others, were convinced to watch Seth Rogen’s The Interview based mainly on the controversy surrounding it. It was good, but it was missing that certain something. That…North Korean propagandist slant that we love in all our films. Luckily, YouTuber MrStratman7 is here to correct that for us. (via JoBlo)


Whedon and Fillion: Duel of the Geek Gods

It would be a shame if Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion were to pick up a pair of lightsabers and did battle, but no one were around to see it. Thankfully, their friend  Brian McElhaney was there and knew that this was something that needed to be preserved forever on the pages of Facebook. (via Geek Tyrant)

Guinea Krueger

Pets in Halloween Costumes

We pet owners are a strange lot sometimes. It’s not enough that we have super awesome dogs, cats, or whatever, but then we go and try to make them even more awesome by putting costumes on them…to varying effects. (via Neatorama)

sesame street star smores


Scene wipes…the Princess’ disappearing British accent…Frank Oz as Grover as Yoda…attempted cannibalism…The Sesame Street parody of Star Wars has all the things we remember nailed down! But really, CTW, did you have to spoil The Empire Strikes Back for pre-schoolers already?