Want to relive Star Wars: The Force Awakens but don’t have time for all those “words” and all that dialogue that screen writers insist on plugging into films? Well, here’s a three minute version told in emoji form. Advertisements

The Best of April Fools 2016

It’s that day again where you just can’t trust anything on the internet. Well, more so than usual, anyway. We’ve gathered up some of the funniest web pranks for this year so you can be on your guard.

Why Would Someone Google These Costumes?

What’s the weirdest online search for a Halloween costume this year? “Naughty zombie”? “Scary congressman”? Try combining sex and mankind’s perfect food and you get “Slutty Bacon”, a combo that proves two rights can make a wrong. Check out the results of ‘s Halloween poll below: (via Tada!) (originally published on 10/25/2013)

Zookeepers Take Training Lessons from JURASSIC WORLD’s Chris Pratt

Because if you see it in the movies, then it must be real! Zookeepers across the country have taken to becoming Alphas for their animals, a la Chris Pratt in Jurassic World. Check out some of the awesome fearless men and women below! View this post on Instagram #raptorsquad #clevergirls #chrispratt #raptorshotremake #prattkeeping #jurassiczookeeper #zoorassicworld…

KUNG FURY is Here in All Its 80s Glory!

You’ve seen the trailer… You’ve seen the music video… But now, it’s here…KUNG FURY: THE MOVIE! Bad 80s video, cops with machine guns,  kung fu Hitler, the mighty Thor! It’s almost too much for our brains to contain! All of your questions you’ve had for the past year will be answered, the most common of…

Delta Uses Internet Memes to Save Your Life

Delta Airlines knows that there is nothing new to been seen in an airline safety video. They also realize there’s nothing new to be seen in internet memes. However if you combine the two, now you’ve got something! Much like their 80s themed safety video, this video attempts to capture their passengers’ attention by using…

David Letterman’s Last Top Ten List

Back in the day, David Letterman was my late night host of choice, and my favorite segment was always the Top Ten list. Last night on his final broadcast, Letterman presented his final list. More accurately, ten of his favorite guests delivered the list as a tribute to the legendary talk show host. Ladies and…

Stan Lee Teaches the Art of Cameo Acting

Kevin Smith’s latest flick (technically an Audi commercial disguised as a short) ironically stars Stan Lee. See “The Man” teach fellow actors Michael Rooker, Kevin Smith, and Tara Reid what it means to truly stand out in a film…for only a couple of seconds.

What’s Your Star Wars Occupation?

Bartender? Moisture Farmer? Nerf herder? If you lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, how would you get by? This handy flowchart might help. I’m apparently suited to be a Death Star laser operator. I guess i can handle flipping switches easily enough…as long as I don’t think about a million voices…