While We Were Gone: ROGUE ONE, CIVIL WAR

Geez, take a week off to focus on IRL work and you miss out on sharing some big stuff! We know you’ve most likely seen these stories but we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t post them ourselves. First is the AMAZING trailer for the first Star Wars anthology film Rogue One. This one looks…


How Many Lego Do You Need to Build the Death Star…to Scale?

Lego has been pumping out awesome playsets for decades. The past few years have seen time-traveling DeLoreans, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers, even Death Stars come home in mini Lego form. But what if you wanted to build them in 1:1 scale?  Lego Master Builder Matija Puzar crunched the numbers for and come up with this infographic. (via Ebates)

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Tweets of the Week Feb 22 – Feb 28

Lady Gaga is dressed like Elvis before he could afford the rhinestones #Oscars 2016 Razzie Awards Honors(?) Fifty Shades … SCOOBY APOCALYPSE Turns Franchise Towards Creepy, ‘Semi-Serious’ Horror MARVEL Unveils COLORING BOOKS For STAR WARS, WOMEN OF POWER, And DOCTOR STRANGE Marvel and Netflix went to Westeros and found their Iron Fist…

tweets of the week

Tweets of the Week Feb 15 – Feb 21

A Shocking Number of Dogs in Shelters Are Misidentified as ‘Pit Bulls’ Ghostbusters Big Baddie Rowan Finally Revealed JAWS vs. THE FLASH? STERANKO Returns To CAPTAIN AMERICA For 75th Anniversary Dear FBI, Have you tried S-H-E-R? I’ve seen it work before. Sincerely,Watson ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Director Confirms Kurt Russell Casting…

ok go

OK GO Premieres Zero-G Video

OK Go is back with another amazing video. This time they’ve taken their show into spaaaaace! Well, not really space, but into a Russian zero-gravity trainer plane, the U.S. version of which is affectionately known as the “Vomit Comet.” It’s normally used for training cosmonauts, but OK Go discovered it’s also great for making music videos,…