Last Minute Gifts for the Crafty Booky Geek

Yikes! Only a few days left until the holidays are upon you and you still haven’t gotten that geek in your life a present! “But they already have everything geek-worthy under the sun!” you proclaim. Not so fast! Thunder Bay Press sent us a few items that might just stuff your stocking. Grown-up coloring books…

While We Were Gone: ROGUE ONE, CIVIL WAR

Geez, take a week off to focus on IRL work and you miss out on sharing some big stuff! We know you’ve most likely seen these stories but we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t post them ourselves. First is the AMAZING trailer for the first Star Wars anthology film Rogue One. This one looks…

Captain America Cosplay

Steve “Captain America” Rogers hasn’t seen a lot of different costumes in his 70-something years of Nazi-punching, but he sure has a lot of cosplayers! For good measure, we’re throwing in some of his supporting cast.

Marvel Announces Phase Three Movie Line Up

Marvel just held a super secret reveal in Hollywood, but for some reason, HGSG wasn’t invited. Thankfully we follow people who do! We just saw this photo courtesy Superhero Creations  and about fell on the floor! Yes, friends, Black Panther and Captain Marvel are finally getting their big screen debuts! You might also notice the subtitle…


Captain America and Wolverine rarely see eye to eye, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got each others’ backs. Check out The Favor by Chase Gustafson and Chasing Photography films and watch Cap and Wolvie team up to save a damsel in distress.

The Cutest CAPTAIN AMERICA Trailer Possible!

Chevrolet and Marvel have teamed up to bring you all the awwwwwws you can stand. The Russo brothers, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, also directed this trailer featuring kids in all the adult roles, changing up the dialog to be a bit more kid appropriate.


Yesterday: the poster; today: the teaser. And, oh man, what a teaser! I will say without hyperbole that based on this trailer, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has the potential to be the greatest Marvel movie yet. Robert Redford’s appearance just gives the whole atmosphere more weight. It seems like they are going with a…