Why Would Someone Google These Costumes?

What’s the weirdest online search for a Halloween costume this year? “Naughty zombie”? “Scary congressman”? Try combining sex and mankind’s perfect food and you get “Slutty Bacon”, a combo that proves two rights can make a wrong. Check out the results of Tada.com ‘s Halloween poll below: (via Tada!) (originally published on 10/25/2013)

Transformers Cosplay

Creating a Transformers costume from scratch has got to be one of the toughest bits of cosplay out there. Yet some die hard fans really nail it! Others…well, it’s not for us to judge. You do it. (originally published on 6/29/2011)

Pets in Halloween Costumes

We pet owners are a strange lot sometimes. It’s not enough that we have super awesome dogs, cats, or whatever, but then we go and try to make them even more awesome by putting costumes on them…to varying effects. (via Neatorama)

Is Cross-Race Cosplay OK?

This weekend, actress/dancer Julianne Hough and friends stepped out for a Halloween party, and as many people do, they dressed as characters from one of their favorite TV shows. In this case, the show in question is Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”, a show about a women’s prison. You’d think that costumes based on…

Wizard World Nashville Kids Kosplay Kontest

It wasn’t just the grown-ups putting on costumes this weekend at Wizard World. Believe it or not, kids like to play dress up, too! I know, right? So weird! There were so many great characters represented that the judges panel finally just threw up their hands at the end and pronounced all the kids winners!…

Superman’s “S”: A Year-By-Year Comparison

You wouldn’t think there would be a lot an artist could do to make their mark on Superman’s chest emblem. After all, it’s basically a red S on a yellow background, right? Sure, that’s normally how it looks, but Steve Younis has created an infographic that shows the sometimes minor, sometimes radical 130 changes the S…

We Want To See Your Costumes!

Hey, faithful Geeks! Halloween is less than a week away so we’re sure most of you have your costumes ready. We want to see them! The geekier the better! Send your pictures to hegeekshegeek@yahoo.com with the subject line “Costumes” and we’ll compile a costume party post for the 31st. We’ll even give away a tee-shirt…