How Many Lego Do You Need to Build the Death Star…to Scale?

Lego has been pumping out awesome playsets for decades. The past few years have seen time-traveling DeLoreans, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers, even Death Stars come home in mini Lego form. But what if you wanted to build them in 1:1 scale?  Lego Master Builder Matija Puzar crunched the numbers for and come up with this infographic. (via Ebates)…

Should You Trust That Doctor?

You know, just because someone calls themselves a “doctor”, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically follow their advice. Here’s a handy chart to help determine how trustworthy that doctor in question actually is. (via College Humor)  

DOCTOR WHO Descends Into Darkness

Our new Doctor appears to be taking the Who franchise into a much darker place than our previous incarnations, according to this new trailer from the BBC. But really, when you’ve got a T-Rex in London, how bad can things be?

DOCTOR WHO Wears What?

Couldn’t figure out how to fit “when” or “how” into that headline. How sad. Regardless, Facebook has given us our first full official look at Doctor 13 in his official Doctor Who get up. Not the most dynamic of outfits, but pretty damn classy. What do you think? (via Fashionably Geek)  

How to Dress Like The Doctor

As we start ramping up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we’re sure there are plenty of viewing parties being planned. But what to wear? The good folk at Jones Bootmaker (of all places) have created this handy dandy, timey-wimey infographic to help get your wardrobe in shape! (via Mashable)