What Disney Characters Dress Up as at Halloween

Every Halloween, there are tons of people out there that dress up as their favorite Disney characters. But what do Disney characters dress as? Artist Isaiah Stephens thought about it and came up with these ideas that look straight from Disney approved mashups! (via The Nerdist) (originally published on: Sep 23, 2014)

What Real Life Disney Men Would Look Like

Disney Princesses seem to get all the attention when it comes to artistic reenvisionings. But Jirka Väätäinen wondered what Disney heroes would look like in real life. Turns out they are just as good looking as their female counterparts. (via Behance)

JURASSIC PARK Movie Recreated in Lego

A dad and his way cool daughter (with a little help from their technical geek friends at Digital Wizards) took a little imagination and a whole lot of Lego ($100,000 worth…they spared no expense) and turned the best film of the 90s  into an awesome three-minute short. These guys made Jurassic Park, I can barely…

Hipster Disney

Now that we know what Disney characters wear at Halloween, let’s see how they dress when they want to blend in while visiting Portland. Design Crowd challenged artists to hipsterize the Disney stable. Check out some of the best below: (via Design Crowd)