bacon bra

Why Would Someone Google These Costumes?

What’s the weirdest online search for a Halloween costume this year? “Naughty zombie”? “Scary congressman”? Try combining sex and mankind’s perfect food and you get “Slutty Bacon”, a combo that proves two rights can make a wrong. Check out the results of ‘s Halloween poll below: (via Tada!) (originally published on 10/25/2013)

death star blueprint

Building a Death Star? Better Save Up Now

We may not need it yet, but one day, Earth is going to need a way to defend itself against alien invaders. Mark my words! Probably the most intimidating planetary defense system/keep-them-in-line-through-fear device is the Death Star. We should really start working on one of these soon. But what will it cost us in the…

btas batmobile

History of the Batmobile

From a sports car to a fully armored tank, the Batmobile has taken many forms over the years. Comic Book Resources has collected the most notable of Batman’s whips in this infographic that shows how radically and how often it has changed. We’re partial to the ’89 Keaton and the BTAS models. What are your favorites?…

death star operator

What’s Your Star Wars Occupation?

Bartender? Moisture Farmer? Nerf herder? If you lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, how would you get by? This handy flowchart might help. I’m apparently suited to be a Death Star laser operator. I guess i can handle flipping switches easily enough…as long as I don’t think about a million voices…


Famous Glasses of Filmdom

Back when I was growing up, wearing glasses was a stigma of being smart and a nerd (trust me, I know.) These days, being smart and a nerd are en vogue, and glasses are worn by some of the most awesome characters in film. Check out this infographic from Yates & Suddle for some of the most…

film in five seconds godfather

FILM IN FIVE SECONDS Book Review by He Geek

She Geek and I love movies. I mean a lot. We’ve got hundreds of DVDs, Blu-Rays, and downloads, half of which we probably haven’t even looked at. And that’s where the trouble lies. Who has the time to actually watch the thousands of hours of cinema that they really want–no, need to view? That’s where Film…