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Tweets of the Week June 8 – June 14

re @GameOfThrones…well, damn. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Action Figure Revealed YouTube enters the game streaming business Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Role In ‘Doctor Strange’ Revealed ILM is bringing Star Wars to virtual reality Here’s the final version of the Oculus Rift (and some VR games) coming in 2016 A World…

cbm shot


Kevin Smith and company are looking for geeks willing to part with a piece of their childhood for the next season of Comic Book Men on AMC. If you have a unique piece of memorabilia (or are willing to travel to Jersey to buy something from the Secret Stash), hit up the Comic Book Men casting…


How to Look Smarter Than You Maybe Are

Since you are a He Geek She Geek reader, we know you are highly intelligent. However, wouldn’t it be nice to appear to be even more smarterer than you do already? Business Insider suggests the following seven tips to fool people into thinking you’re smarter than they are, and really, isn’t that just as good…

kung fury

KUNG FURY is Here in All Its 80s Glory!

You’ve seen the trailer… You’ve seen the music video… But now, it’s here…KUNG FURY: THE MOVIE! Bad 80s video, cops with machine guns,  kung fu Hitler, the mighty Thor! It’s almost too much for our brains to contain! All of your questions you’ve had for the past year will be answered, the most common of…


Ride ‘Em ANT-MAN in New Poster

Seems like the images of Ant-Man are getting ironically larger and larger as each new movie poster is released. The latest features our titular hero atop a winged ant flying through a hail of bullets. Really, who attempts to shoot ants? Just grab a shoe or can of Raid. Boom. Problem solved.

tweets of the week

Tweets of the Week May 18 – May 24

Another major character is set to make his return on Heroes Reborn JEREMY RENNER Hits CIVIL WAR Set & Shows Off New Logo For Film Reese Witherspoon to Star in Disney’s Live-Action Tinker Bell Movie Delta Uses Internet Memes to Save Your Life … Set pic confirms whose funeral…


Delta Uses Internet Memes to Save Your Life

Delta Airlines knows that there is nothing new to been seen in an airline safety video. They also realize there’s nothing new to be seen in internet memes. However if you combine the two, now you’ve got something! Much like their 80s themed safety video, this video attempts to capture their passengers’ attention by using…