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Official SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Is No Joke

It’s here! The first official look at the new Joker and the Suicide Squad in action, fresh from Comic-Con! We will say, most of this trailer makes us a lot more interested in this film that we had little care for originally. But that Joker? We’re sorry, but we like him even less now. Still,…

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Tweets of the Week July 6 – July 12

ROM and MICRONAUTS Finally Return… But Not Where You Think New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Unveiled at SDCC … Wonder if the cartoon will attempt to answer the questions of how the story ends BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Animated Movie By BRUCE TIMM…… of all the weekends to have oral surgery,…


New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Unveiled at SDCC

Thanks to having all five wisdom teeth extracted yesterday (that’s right, five; I’m a mutant), I’ve been unconscious for most of San Diego Comic Con. Because I’m so late, I’m sure you’ve seen most of what I have by now, but I still had to share the very cool, new Batman V Superman trailer. Now…

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Check Out the New GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1

To me, nothing will ever replace the classic Ecto-1, cobbled together from a 1959 Caddilac ambulance/hearse, with that classic siren. But Paul Feig needs something for his new Ghostbusting team to travel in, and yesterday he tweeted out a picture of the new Ecto-1.

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Tweets of the Week June 15 – June 21

You know…”water”…wink-wink…. INSIDE-OUT 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek  #FathomEvents @FathomEvents #InsideOut @PixarInsideOut Marvel, Sony, Paramount All Skipping Comic-Con Could it Happen? A Harvard Geneticist on Jurassic World’s Science COVERGIRL’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Makeup Collection Oh God. Pokemon Porn Parody “Strokemon” Exists, and “Dikachu” Is Terrifying Comic-Con…