How Many Lego Do You Need to Build the Death Star…to Scale?

Lego has been pumping out awesome playsets for decades. The past few years have seen time-traveling DeLoreans, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers, even Death Stars come home in mini Lego form. But what if you wanted to build them in 1:1 scale?  Lego Master Builder Matija Puzar crunched the numbers for and come up with this infographic. (via Ebates)

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A la The Dark Night Rises, Star Trek Into Darkness‘s first poster gives us a crumbling structure exposing a symbolic logo. However, there is a welcome lack of off-centered photoshopping. Wonder why Benedict Cumberbatch is going into the light though. Seems like it should be named “Out of Darkness” based on this poster.