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Scene wipes…the Princess’ disappearing British accent…Frank Oz as Grover as Yoda…attempted cannibalism…The Sesame Street parody of Star Wars has all the things we remember nailed down! But really, CTW, did you have to spoil The Empire Strikes Back for pre-schoolers already?  

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Tweets of the Week Sept. 8 – Sept. 14

Playing thru the PT demo is maybe the most terrifying thing we’ve ever done! #SilentHills @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN You want a ‘Teen Titans’ live-action TV series? You’ve got it @HitFix ‘Shark Tank’ Spinoff Series ‘Beyond the Tank’ to Be Revealed by ABC via @TheWrap STAR WARS Throne Room Scene is Super Awkward Without Music…


Real Life DUCKTALES (Ooh-ooh-ooh!)

Any child (or many a college student) of the 90s will remember the familiar opening to one of Disney’s most successful weekday cartoons, DuckTales: But it’s even more exciting when the opening is performed by real life duckies! (via Topless Robot)

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Tweets of the Week Sept. 1 – Sept 7

#GMXv6 panel approved! Who’s going to sign up for the Geek Photo Scavenger Hunt? @geekmediaexpo “‘The Walking Dead’ companion series gets pilot greenlight” … via @EW Why Not (Sex With) Zoidberg? The All-Female Futurama Porn Is Coming … via @ToplessRobot Should You Trust That Doctor? Iconic superhero Miracleman will get new comics…

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Should You Trust That Doctor?

You know, just because someone calls themselves a “doctor”, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically follow their advice. Here’s a handy chart to help determine how trustworthy that doctor in question actually is. (via College Humor)  

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August’s Top Six Searches Used To Find Us

  Our web host supplies us with stats about the number of visitors we get per month, what links they click, what site led them to us. But the most entertaining stat (if you find statistics entertaining, that is) is the list of search engine terms used to lead people to us. Sometimes we shake…

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Tweets of the Week Aug. 25 – Aug. 31

RT @neatorama –  Customer Has Hilarious Conversation with Representative … RT @neatorama – TARDIS Toilet Appears Along Bike Path In Bristol New Trademark Request May Excite Children of the 80s and 90s – … First image of ‘Doctor Doom’ From The FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot  via @po_st MOCKINGJAY Releases Rebellious New…

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Tweets of the Week Aug. 18 – Aug. 24

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Sets ‘Lost’-Themed Episode with Damon Lindelof, Terry O’Quinn … via @Variety Marvel Memorializes Fan in Upcoming ‘Uncanny Avengers’ Issue  via @THR Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci To Leave MYTHBUSTERS –  via @NerdistDotCom Minecraft players build working hard drives  via @CNET Exclusive: Superman Shows Off New Suit In…