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Tweets of the Week Apr. 7 – Apr. 13

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person! #GameOfThrones Actor That Was The Glue Of LORD OF THE RINGS Has Died … via @ComicBook_Movie Bruce Timm Returns to BATMAN for 75th Anniversary  A Brief History of Choose Your Own Adventure  via @sharethis Google Offers Google Glass to Everyone for One Day Only …

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Tweets of the Week Mar. 31 – Apr. 6

  GAME OF THRONES is Going Thru Some Format Changes  Check out some awesome Captain America Cosplay:  #CaptainAmerica #Cosplay via @HeGeekSheGeek Happy #TableTopDay! Not sure what to play today? Check out this flowchart… … The Jem and The Holograms Movie Starts Filming In 3 Weeks … via @TheMarySue Syfy Orders ‘12 Monkeys’ Series…



Captain America and Wolverine rarely see eye to eye, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got each others’ backs. Check out The Favor by Chase Gustafson and Chasing Photography films and watch Cap and Wolvie team up to save a damsel in distress.


Hugh Jackman sings as Wolverine Valjean

Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents. But who is he really? Is he Jean Valjean, the hero of Les Miserables with the great set of pipes? Or is he more Wolverine, the clawed berzerker  with a mysterious past? Who says he can’t be a little of both? Here, Hugh proves it on The…

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March’s Top Six Searches Used To Find Us

Our web host supplies us with stats about the number of visitors we get per month, what links they click, what site led them to us. But the most entertaining stat (if you find statistics entertaining, that is) is the list of search engine terms used to lead people to us. Sometimes we shake our…


Best of April Fools 2014

It’s tough being on the internet on April 1. There are so many out-there things already on the web that sometimes it’s really hard to tell what’s an April Fools prank and what’s just plain old weird! Here are some of the best pranks (we think!) that we came across this year. Google+ Photos, now…

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KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek

Doom metal musician Joe just got dumped by his girlfriend, so his friends kidnap him to a weekend of LARPing (Live Action Role Play, for those not in the know.) Unfortunately, wannabe wizard Eric casts a resurrection spell from a book he got from the internet and summons a deadly succubus onto the field of…

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Wil Wheaton on Being Called a Nerd as a Kid

Wil Wheaton has come so far in the ranks of geekdom; from that annoying kid that no one wanted to watch on Star Trek The Next Generation, to the outspoken voice of the nerd generation. Last year in Denver, Wil was asked by a little girl if he was ever bullied as a nerd when…

tweets of the week

Tweets of the Week Mar. 24 – Mar. 30

  Syfy Renews ‘Helix’ for Second Season // 50 Greatest Marvel Easter Eggs … via @totalfilm It’s Avenger Time!  My Little Pony: Real Estate is Magic  SPOILERS! X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Opening Scene’s Brutal Battle  via @Newsarama The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases a batch of new images … via @totalfilm Game…